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Corporate branding plays a key role in positioning your business for long-term success. Store Team helps you in branding your offerings at an affordable cost.


Banners Design

A well thought out banner can be self-contained marketing to magnetize new clients. Let Store Team create eye-catching banner designs that will get you noticed. 


Logo Design

It is important to leave customers with an immediate, yet lasting, impression. Our talented designers will work with you to determine the best logo for your business.

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Graphic design is more than aesthetics. It’s a communication tool. Great designs connect with your audience on a deep level and reinforce the message of your brand. They help you share your product, service, business culture and values with your target market. If you are looking for a design partner that will enable you to do all of this, then you are in the right place. Together, we can win!

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The Importance of Design Branding

From online advertisement to web design, the need for graphics design is boundless. They are a key part of descriptive components that are widely used for various corporate activities for marketing, corporate social responsibilities, customer support, and many other corporate functions. Therefore, having a talented graphics design partner is very essential for shouting Corporate Identity, for training and customer support purposes. Take the opportunity to revitalize your brand image, refresh your logo or create attractive web banners at a very low cost. We also offer website design, psd to wordpress theme conversion & SNS ad design.

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Banners that propel your business offerings to the right audience

An eye catching media banner is key to boosting your click through rate and engage your audience. Our experts can design your banners, social media ads & cover images in line with your brand guidelines.

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Why Partner With Us?

A good logo should be memorable, interesting, and fitting to your brand. A logo is more than a pretty design. It’s your symbol. It’s what helps your business create loyal customers. In order to create a logo that will sustain the test of time, we dig deep to learn who you are and the source of your passion. Passion is the root of any business. The graphics, marketing and customer service are what make it flourish. A good logo is consistent with the business goals, values and the type of customer experience it aims to provide. The professional expertise and unbound imagination of the graphic designers from Store Team help them to deliver the best results to fit your needs. For our company, every graphic design requirement is a challenge where we put in our best efforts and expertise to deliver something which exceeds your expectations!

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