Blogging vs Social Media Marketing which is better for Best ROI

A corporate blog is a very efficient tool for sustaining and promoting your business’s presence, and while social media has its place, the former can make a much bigger impact with fairly little effort on your part. Here are some points that will help you understand why blogging is miles ahead when it comes to lead generation, in comparison to social media posts.

Blogging has since time immemorial been the king of digital marketing

The default mode of web marketing for most brands in the blog. There are thousands of case studies about why brands need blogs out there, with literal decades of research backing it up. Sure, some brands are able to grow on social media, but eventually, even they turn to blogs, and understandably so. A blog is a way to get large quantities of content up and running, where it can be indexed by Google and where you can control it.

Control is one of the biggest selling points of having your own website blog, something that social media does not afford. With a blog, you own the site and can change the design, the framework, the marketing, the monetization, and anything else about it that you could want to change. With posting to social media, you’re limited in all of those things.

Social media has some serious limitations for corporate marketing

There are some big drawbacks of using social media as your sole marketing platform. For starters, you do not own the platform. Say, for example, tomorrow Facebook decides to cut a tool or change the way they do things and this was your main source of business development, you are sort of out of business. Social media platforms are known to change their algorithm regularly, change their layout, or even ban people at a moment’s notice. You don’t have to worry about any of those things with a blog

Another thing to note is that, while social media is free to sign up, to get any meaningful business exposure in today’s competitive climate, you will have to turn to paid tools. Many a times these paid tools for boosting your business are challenging. Moreover, if you ever stop, everything you’ve build kind of shuts down, instantly. On social media, it is also hard to see an ROI on your efforts and closed deals that are growing your business. It often can be a bit of a guessing game trying to convert Likes and Shares into real money.

But probably the most serious limitation of using social media for brand marketing is how much you can post. Pretty much every social media platform truncates lengthy content, which means it’s harder to post long-form blog posts and informative tutorials without losing readers. In fact, according to Facebook, which is why the ideal length of a post on their platform is a mere 40 characters. In comparison, blogs give you complete control over the type of content you post, including various scripts, multimedia inclusions in various formats, and a host of quality of life features. You don’t have to worry about not being able to run a script, needing to adhere to the terms of service of a social network, or anything of the sort. The only restrictions you have been placed on you are national and global laws, web host terms of service, and restrictions from ad networks you’re trying to use.

Here are some more reasons on why businesses need to start a blog for their business website:

1. A way to establish a direct connection with your target audience

By connecting to a large audience in your target market, the blog on your website functions as an efficient and cost-effective tool for showcasing your knowledge and expertise. This is invaluable if you have a small business as you may not have the resources to fund the marketing for your products or services. The bog posts, with their tone and style, help you connect with potential customers.

2. Blogs can help create a buzz surrounding your brand

There are virtually no barriers when it comes to writing blog posts. The blog content on website can serve as a means to get a lot of different opinions around your business. This healthy buzz including ideas, responses, and queries regarding your brand is one of those things that can set you apart from the rest.

3. Well written blogs can boost your Search Engine Optimization

By crafting blog posts for SEO, you can improve your website’s search engine rankings. The costs of professional SEO services can sometimes be outside the budget of small businesses and the blogging is a good replacement or augmentation for SEO. As such, a blog can dramatically increase the popularity of your website. For popularity, read profitability!

4. Blogs promote the quick circulation of your brand message

Blogs are simple and hence fast marketing tools, and you can use one to articulate your business’ expertise and knowledge. This is in contrast to other elaborate marketing methodologies that require long turnaround time. Although they have their own need and relevance, the blog is something you can use regardless of your business size and industry.

5. An extremely cost-effective marketing channel

A blog on your website is a very affordable way to bring your company in focus. This is especially true if you have a small business in which case you can inexpensively highlight promote, differentiate and sell your products and services with the help of impressive blog content.

6. The perfect way to enhance your brand image

You can use a blog on your website to increase your clients’ confidence and trust in your business. The blog shows that the writer (you, as far as the readers are concerned!) is very knowledgeable and an expert in the field. This enhances your business’ reputation, letting your customers know you are someone they can rely on in the industry.

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