These are all the reasons that shops today need to upgrade now.

How to Migrate to Magento 2?

Why You Need To Upgrade Now?

Magento 1 will cease to receive security updates come June 2020, which will open it up to a plethora of safety loopholes with no way to get support.


Magento 2 is faster, less resource-hungry, and better optimized for high loads. Also, it offers many performance features that in the first version were only available through customizations and extensions. Here are some of the coolest new features that make Magento 2 a must have upgrade for businesses:

1) Open and flexible architecture – powered by entirely new, next-generation architecture, it provides flexibility to bring your vision of commerce to life.

2) Enhanced business agility and productivity – Magento 2 empowers its merchants by providing a more efficient experience that facilitates growth.

3) Engaging shopping experiences – Engagement is central to a seamless and personal customer experience on any device.

4) Lighting fast performance – Over 50% of faster page load speed across checkout pages and catalog, resulting in improved rates of the conversion.

5) Easier upgrades and maintenance – A modern and modular architecture empowers functionality provided by Magento 2.

6) Secure Payments – Magento 2 offers built-in integration with payment gateways like PayPal.

7) Intuitive Backup – A powerful system allowing the site to easily be put in maintenance mode, backup files and media, and restore a previous image.

8) Upgrading core files and its modules – Introduction to PHP based dimensions management using composer, which ensures that all its components maintain its expected versions.

9) Scalability – Catalog, sales, shipping, payment, and check out can be optimized for stability, security, and performance.

10) Testing the framework – Magento 2 provides its own testing framework which serves to reduce bugs while making testing easier.

In Magento 2, a lot of focus has been directed towards making the platform more performant. The upgraded platform can handle 10 million page views in an hour.

Magento 2 requires Mysql 5.6 which is exclusively created to benefit from the advancements of the Mysql database system to enable faster processing of queries, caching, as well as, reindexing, a process with the help of which Magento ensures that the product data, URLs, and inventory is updated once the attributes, products or other parts of the catalogue are updated. The re-indexing mechanism is more efficient in Magento 2 and will have a lower impact on the overall performance of the online store.

There is also now official PHP 7 support which offers significant performance gains over the outdated version that was a part of Magento 1 for most of its lifesapn. Magento 2 also comes with robust Redis and Varnish support out of the box, which are both key components of a speedy production instance. Lastly, the introduction of the different deployment modes allows great performance gains in production while keeping development workflows smooth.

It is very important for every online store working with a customized and complex system full of modules and extensions to minimize risks as much as possible. This is especially true for stores that receive a lot of traffic.

Functional Testing Framework is an open-source, cross-platform solution in which we can conduct tests related to the functionality of a certain store. These tests can be available at any time with the three following options:

  • Running a single test independently
  • Running multiple tests simultaneously as a test suite
  • Running all possible tests in one-go

Functional tests cover most of the functionality of a business entity. And the goal is to find discrepancies between expected and real behavior of the entity. In Magento 2, you can now easily check if any new modules or features would conflict with your existing system. There is now a built-in framework for testing which can be used to run automated tests on any online store irrespective of its size.

Almost 50% of the transactions that happen online are now done through mobile devices. Many of the enhancements mentioned above significantly improve the mobile user experience. As browsing is slower and more complicated on mobile devices.

shoppers heavily rely on the search option. With Magento 2, the search has been considerably improved to make it easier for the shoppers to find the product they are looking for

Combined with improved speed and mobile-friendly checkout, the conversion rate through mobile can be significantly improved with Magento 2. A reputed Magento 2 upgrade service provider can help you take advantage of this improvement which can help you improve your sales through mobile devices

With Google already mentioning that they now measure the performance of a website on mobile before checking its performance on the desktop, you’ll also benefit from search results with the help of Magento 2 and its mobile improvements.

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