Our Approach To Performance Optimization

In order to provide performance enhancements for websites constructed using Magento, a rounded and all encompassing analysis of your store is conducted by experts, and then the following aspects are optimized one by one to ensure the best user experience.

Optimizing frontend features like images videos and content forms an essential part of our strategy to enhance the website speed.

A thorough analysis followed by a complete optimization of the Magento code powering your online storefront is coducted to cut down load times.

Configuring your store’s database properly, read-write database separation, MySQL queries optimization & junk tables cleaning.

The server side environment settings are checked and if discrepancies are found, they are tweaked for best fit.

We check for any conflicts created by any 3rd party modules and rewrite the code around then to ensure speed.

A thorough profiling investigation is conducted in order to diagnose issues that may be causing slow performance.

The Need For Optimization

Page responsiveness can make the difference between a successful sale & cart abandonment. You need someone with a thorough depth of knowledge of core Magento development architecture to streamline your site’s user experience.

Our Step by Step Approach to Magento Speed Optimization

There is a nifty little feature built into Magento called the Full Page Cache. Its purpose is to help optimize Magento speed by caching store pages. As a result, provided that is is configured and used in a proper manner, it can help reduce website load times as well as cut down the load on the server. This means that your store has an overall high ranking with Google, Bing and other major search providers, making it easier for customers to find your website and this provide a boost in online sales. Another advantage of this built in cache feature is to compress images, theme & extensions code validation and enabling a flat catalog for small stores.

Here is a list of other features you get with our Magento 2 speed optimization package:


We make the best use of this incredible feature offered by Magento in order to provide a performance boost for your website by caching store pages. As mentioned above, this not only helps reduces loading time and the load exerted on the server at any given time, it also helps improve your ranking high with search engines for improvements in customer coversion, and ultimately your bottom line.


In order to cache PHP intermediate code, we use an alternate PHP Cache in order to provide a robust framework for your Magento powered store. Having duplicate PHP script executions optimized for efficient running is extremely helpful in this case.


This is an advanced type of server used for session and backend storage. It offers enhanced eviction control and allows multiple databases to be used for the purpose of Magento server optimization.


As important as it is to havve an efficient web server, its configuration plays a crucial role in enhancing the server performance. This is one of the most important steps for improving the speed of your Magento store.


It is crucial to speed up your MySQL configuration in order to speed up your Magento database performance. According to estimates, you can get a 65% improvement in performance just through proper optimization of your MySQL server. We work on streamlining the MySQL Queries to enable instant loading of Magento stores.

Having an attractive store design and custom functionality is important, but in order to rank of Google as well as convince customers to shop with you, it is integral for businesses to pursue speed optimization services for their Magento powered store solutions. 

Are you experiencing sluggish performance of your Magento store? Let our Magento developers utilize their expertise and experience to speed up your store and take your business to new heights. We are at your service for all your Magento 2 performance improvement needs!

Why Choose Store Team?

With over 8 years of experience and hundreds of successful projects under their belt, our Magento development experts are well aware of the fact that no two stores are the same, and therefore, a customized approach is needed for each and every project in order to determine speed imporvement measures. That is why our  experts will first audit your existing store and then optimize your Magento Website for better performance.