The Need For Customization

Did you know that 94% of users abandon websites with outdated web design?

No matter how good your products or services are, if your visitors do not find the design of your shop appealing, they will not bother spending money with you. This is not good news for your business in the , as every customer who turns back is a potential lost sale.

Better user experience and the interface is all about enhancing your customers’ satisfaction. A simpler, clearer and more consistent shop design will result in many positives, including more sales, conversions, and enhanced brand value. This is the point of Store Team’s theme customization service.We conduct a UI and UX audit of your existing Magento powered ecommerce store, and after thoroughly understanding your userbase, we propose a beautiful and vibrantly layered theme overhaul focused on improving quality, speed and overall customer experience.

Site user-friendliness and low effort shopping experience are the key, and a Magento Site Audit helps you achieve both. Our aim when reconfiguring your website’s front end, in addition to maintaining design consistency, is to make it as easy for the customer to locate what they want with minimal effort. Store Team’s Magento store theme customization meets the needs of your users by improving the accessibility, usability, and user interaction. We also help you improve the user flow that converts visitors into customers, and promote a better image of your brand online, giving you an edge among competitors.

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Why Choose Store Team?

With a solid team of Magento 2 Trained Developers with 8+ years of experience, Store Team has helped countless businesses around the world transform their ecommerce solutions for the better in order to improve their online sales and competitive positioning. No matter how big or small your organization is or what is the extent of your budget, we have a solution for everyone!

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