Shopify Powers Over 500,000 Online Retail Stores & Now It Can Power Yours Too!

Shopify is probably now the most popular system used for ecommerce sites all over the world, with it’s all in one solution you get lots of great features that would normally cost thousands of pounds to develop and you also receive free unlimited 24 hour support. Using Shopify is a little bit like paying a rental fee to use a global online e-commerce system, but having the option to customise and design the system the way you want. Shopify is a very quick and cost effective way to create an online shop and there are many positive reviews about it on the internet, have a browse so you can read about the benefits for yourself. You can also view further information on hosted carts and comparison articles on our ecommerce options page.

Store and Product Management


Customer accounts, product variations & organization is easy to handle in dashboard.

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Sales Analytics


Shopify has the actionable dashboard which includes the traffic, sales and orders. 

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Marketing & SEO


Shopify stores are SEO friendly, and have many build in social media marketing tools.

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Do You Have a Great Idea in the Works for Selling Products Online? Give a try to Shopify!

Shopify is a premier ecommerce solution that enables you to build out a dazzling online store with ease. The versatile platform is equipped with a wide range of themes that you can customize, organize your product listings, accept over 100 payment gateways, support the very best SEO practices, and track all your orders from start to finish.

Shopify is a very flexible system in terms of creative design and dynamic functionality. Scope for future advanced development is massive. Shopify’s solution is all in one i.e. you get the system, hosting, ongoing maintenance, security, updates and unlimited 24 hour support for a simple monthly fee. They are a proactive and innovate company, constantly striving to keep their top spot as the best ecommerce platform by regularly launching new exciting features to help their users. Shopify themes are mobile device friendly so this means people using mobiles and iPads/tablets will be able to shop on your website easily as well. There are a wide range of free and paid design themes available for those that want to keep setup costs to a minimum. In short, Shopify provides lots of support and resources to help you grow your business, build your brand and generate income. They want you to do well, so you continue to use them.

When To Use Shopify?

Shopify is a cloud solution mostly used by large companies and is an ideal platform for any type of online store, from the clothing store to home accessories. We recommend Shopify for any SME companies and only for customers who exclusively want an eCommerce website.

Unmatched Customization Services

Store Team will customize your Shopify store to ensure that the design and layout of your product and checkout pages tie in with your visual identity and user-requirements. In addition to this, our service includes SEO for Google, multilingual setup and making sure the checkout workflow works.

Why Hire Shopify Developers from Store Team?

We have been providing excellent development services for 8+ years and have happy clients throughout the globe. To date, our expert team has completed hundreds of projects on Shopify for our clients with agile software development methodology, as well as Magento and WooCommerce.

We Help Make Shopify Your Own!

We are premium Shopify website experts, specializing in amazing web design & development, as well as impressive digital marketing & ecommerce consultancy services. We are refreshing and dynamic with years of experience and online skills that will knock your socks off! Our team members are master professionals and always deliver the highest quality work at the time frames promised. We understand that design, creativity and user experience are all key parts of making an online business successful. We have the knowledge and experience to help you take your business forward and achieve your goals online. We can look after complete projects, provide adhoc work on existing websites and helpful ecommerce consultancy services. We have worked with more than 100 Shopify clients. We have an amazing track record of completing projects on time and meeting (and sometime exceeding) our clients’ expectations. Our pricing is one of the best in industry and we provide great return on your investment.

But what is unique with us? Why should you buy from us?

There are many great service providers in the market and probably you are already using one of them, but what sets us apart from others is that we have all Shopify services and solutions under one roof. We can perform Shopify setup/upgrade, Theme customization, Mobile App development and Digital marketing services. We would like to be your most trusted partner in your Shopify journey!


Grow your reach today with the world largest online eCommerce platform!