What Is WordPress?

WordPress is a completely free piece of community-driven open source project started in 2003 to serve as a framework for building rich and interactive websites that power the internet. What users truly enjoy about WordPress is the ability to control website content and design without the need of knowing complicated code. The basics of managing a site for tasks such as adding a blog article, editing a page of content or even adding some functionality are all relatively simple to learn.

WordPress is able to perform the backbone duties of almost any kind of website you can think of. Here are a few examples of things you can accomplish:

  • Blogs
  • Business websites
  • eCommerce websites
  • Portfolio websites
  • Social network sites
  • Membership sites
  • Learning websites

and list can go on and on…

Essentially, bar the most complicated of website specifications, WordPress can provide the engine for any website you can imagine. At Store Team, we have been building WordPress websites for over 8 years now and we have seen it all done. So if you are looking for a company that offers rapid development, lightning fast speeds and functionality that you would otherwise have to spend hundreds or thousands of hours, you have come to the right place! Sit back and experience.


Why WordPress is our ecommerce platform of choice

WordPress has a huge community behind it with more than 27% of the entire Internet running on it. Many fortune 500 companies from Sony to Rolling Stone currently rely on WordPress and almost any kind of website you can imagine can use it to their advantage. Business websites, personal blogs, eCommerce sites, community-driven sites and all forms of small business use WordPress daily to get it done. And if you want to join the big race, there is no better choice than WordPress.

We have been working with WordPress as our primary content management system since the beginning. We stay aware of all the other competitors out there such and we still think WordPress is, hands down, the best web development platform for ecommerce organizations on the planet. We have even helped develop proprietary content management systems in the past to exact specifications and always come back to WordPress as the better choice!




We are Experts in WordPress Design

We have a combined 8+ years of experience pumping out custom designed WordPress websites, modifying themes, researching and learning every important WordPress plugin out there and being fully entrenched in the WordPress ecosystem. WordPress is what we use daily and our systems and processes are built around its workflow. As we are so versed in it we are able to put out a very strict level of quality while keeping WordPress design pricing affordable because of our efficiency. This level of detail, quality and efficiency can only come from putting in thousands of hours and we have certainly put in the time.


We create optimized, 100% Responsive Websites

With Google transitioning most websites over to their mobile first index in search results, it’s no longer an option for any website serious about being visible to not have a responsive web design. As a matter of fact, all new websites set up in Google search console will be indexed with its mobile version. We have been building mobile-friendly responsive websites with WordPress for many years. Your site will function as perfectly and beautifully on phones as it will on desktops. No matter the width of the browser our web designs are viewed in the layout will adjust in a user-friendly and pleasing way.


We strategize around SEO and User Experience

WordPress SEO is by far at the leading edge of search optimization. If you have a marketing strategy, you will never be held back by WordPress itself. Create as many landing pages as you like, A/B split test, create Skyscraper blog posts and implement any strategy you can think of with ease using WordPress.


We are a Partner you can trust

We are a WordPress design company that cares. We cut no corners. From the initial install with the security steps, we keep you in the loop all the way through to the testing and support we provide at the end of our WordPress web design projects. Talk to us and it’ll be clear that we are an agency that actually cares.


What is our WordPress Website Design Process?



Every website starts with defining the goals of the website first. This allows us to keep the end game in mind for every decision made along the way. We work out the sitemap of website, define competitors in the space and come up with personas for the ideal website visitor. The site is fully envisioned before a line of code is written.


The IA documents have been approved and now they are handed over to our web designers to actualize the look and feel of the website. It’s much more than just creating a prety website. It’s about making a website that will appeal to the target user, be easy to use and guide people towards the goals of the website.


Once we have design approval it’s now about adding content to the website. Much more care and attention is put into the content than most design companies. Each page is handled individually and looked at as mini-home pages. While the design phase defines the look and feel, the content phase adds the real meat of the site.


Although the website may look done we go through a rigorous testing phase on all browsers and devices to ensure it looks great everywhere. We go back through the website and re-examine our on-site SEO and check for improvements that can be made to make the website lightning fast. Then we launch and train the client on how to use their new website!

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We would love to hear from you

Wanting to talk to someone about your WordPress web design project? Fill out the form or give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions about WordPress projects that you may have. If you set up a consultation with us we will listen to your hopes for your WordPress project and get back to you in short order with a price that can work with most budgets at a quality level that can’t be touched. Lets do business!