Skyrocket your SEO with well research content

Did you know that there are approximately 2 billion websites on the internet today? That’s a lot, and when you think about how you will have to make your website and business stand out in such a cluttered space, it may seem like a nightmare. What can you do to help your customers find you instead of the hundreds of other competitors fighting to get that sale? Is there something you can do to drive more customers to your business? Worry not, as Store Team has the answer to all of these questions.

The Art of Creating Research-Based Content

To implement a truly effective content marketing strategy for E-commerce websites a more holistic approach to content publication and management is required in order to generate an ROI that’s in line with their efforts. This means publishing targeted content for your online store, including highly optimized, research-based blogs and articles that are curated for your brand.

In order to strike the right balance when it comes to your content marketing strategy, here’s the approach our writers take before composing powerful blogs and articles for your business.

We Study the Competition

Competitive analysis forms the foundation for any optimized content marketing strategy. If you’re looking to publish high conversion blogs and articles on your own website, a thorough review of your competitors’ products and services conducted by our expert content development team yields a wealth of information about the terms that other brands within the industry are focusing on. By the same token, this market research will help us identify unique keywords that can set your offering apart, and help the type of copy that appeals to more your niche market segment.

Understand Your Target Audience

By accurately determining your target audience, our writers are able to create content that promotes engagement and interest within prospective customers. Whether we’re creating content for 600-word product or service blogs, or writing detailed 1000-word instructional articles, our focus is always on delivering the type of content your customers want to connect to.

What can your Business Achieve with Research-Based Content?

Drive-Up Website Traffic

By providing readers with targeted, relevant information and solutions to their problems you position your brand as the business that has the answers. By adding inbound links to your blog redirecting visitors to specific landing pages, or by adding daily or weekly website hosted blogs into your social media sharing strategy, you can ensure that visitors keep coming back to your website on a regular basis, and invite their friends along too.

Increase SEO/SERP

About 81% of shoppers conduct a quick search engine search before they buying anything. That’s where the value of getting your company’s name first, before all your competitors becomes priceless.

Become an Industry Leader

It’s not just about ROI or market share. Consistent, great content represents the knowledge and commitment of your company on a mass scale, not only to your customers, but to your competitors too. If your company is a new market entrant, that added boost to your reputation can translate to much stronger brand loyalty.

Don’t Wait. Get Started Today!

Now that we’ve helped you uncover the secrets of research-based blogs and articles, it’s time to get out there and start making your online impression. If you’re having trouble finding, formatting, and putting together the right words and content then never fear. At Store Team, we put these principles into action every day. No matter what your business does, or what types of products you’re selling, we can help you reap exponential benefits of power blogging today!